Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Harbor Van Interiors- PHVAC, Electrical - Telecom

Plumbing Heating and Ventilation service technicians need to carry bottles of Nitro, CO2 or Brazing torch gases to pressure test systems, purge a system, blow out coils, or solder or repair lines. 

The Electrical/Telecom package is designed to satisfy your need with a 3-tank holder mounted off the rear shelf  panel, four (4) drawer packs, and a lockable storage compartment for valuable components. 

How about adding a drop-down rack for your different size ladders that help you get to that system? Keep your tanks at 40 cu.ft. or less if you have to carry them up the ladder!

Learn more at: http://htbi.net/

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kal Tire Tests VMAC’s Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor

 G30 Gas Driven Air CompressorG30 Gas Driven Air Compressor Mounted

Founded in 1953, Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer and tire services provider with over 250 stores. It is also a global leader in mining tire services with 150 international mine sites. The company’s success can be attributed to several guiding principles, which Kal Tire refers to as The Aims. By fulfilling The Aims, each of Kal Tire’s 5,600 employees is personally contributing to the overall success and safety of each customer, guest, and team member.

Learn more at:  https://www.vmacair.com/blog/kal-tire-upgrades-vmacs-gas-engine-driven-air-compressor-powered-honda/?utm_campaign=Blog%20Posts&utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8WLgIKn-Snr8yDCcHpUYrkn3MCPtsIS4FtxkY_o7EBfl5C87yc9wDKiPfvH4x-VhdN3OXlhZo8Uya81YhrzzfmR0DiPw&_hsmi=63515077&utm_content=63515077&utm_source=hs_email&hsCtaTracking=a2ec3e29-7745-4b7b-8ed8-8aae01bcfec2%7C0cf28e71-c080-4333-b0f3-41efb3dd8cc4

Friday, June 15, 2018

Loading paint with a BEDSLIDE

Loading 19 five gallon paint buckets made easy with a BEDSLIDE. Make your truck bed easier to access. Slide all your card under the tonneau cover on your BEDSLIDE. For more info visit BEDSLIDE.com

Monday, June 11, 2018

General Service Package - Nissan NV High Roof


This package features drawers for small parts storage, open shelving and removable bins for customizable storage. Hooks on the end panels for easy access to cords and tools from the rear doors.

Item     Model               Description                           Qty.
1     S1M2C2FSV     Partition     1
2     AD44LCV     ADseries Shelving Unit     3
3     TA1WAD     Four Hook Bar     1
4     WKC1LCVH     Partition Wing Kit     1
5     RKLCV     Rail Kit     1
6     BR36212     Parts Bin System     1
7     DC6     Drawer Component 6"     1
8     DV14C1     Divider     8
9     UH50     5" Hook     2
10     19     Two Drawer Medium     1
11     9     Four Drawer Shallow     1
12     BRK14EPS     End Panel Bracket     1

Learn more at: https://www.adriansteel.com/item/cargo-vans/NV_Upfit/4686NH

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Nissan Hits Overland Expo West With Armada Mountain Patrol Concept

 DSC_4294_preview II

The Overland Expo West is the place you want to be if your truck sees more dirt than asphalt in its overall use. The event is an ever-expanding conference of all things camping and "overlanding," the practice of driving cross-country with as little use of paved paths as possible. The overlanding community is a big one, with some serious money being thrown around to create self-sufficient, go-anywhere, live-off-the-grid machines.

So, it makes sense that Nissan would debut its latest crowd-sourced concept truck, the Armada Mountain Patrol. Nissan had great publicity success with last year's Titan XD Pro-4X Project Basecamp pickup truck and figured it would try again this year with the Armada full-size SUV. Nissan let the public vote on the features and parts it wanted to see on the Mountain Patrol using its social media outlets, with the finished product on display at the recent expo.

The concept started as a new all-wheel-drive 2018 Armada equipped with a 5.6-liter V-8 engine making 390 horsepower. From there, the public voted on what parts they wanted to see on the Mountain Patrol, and it ended up with a laundry list of fun parts. A four-person Cascadia Vehicle Tents rooftop-mounted pop-up Mt. Shasta tent was fitted to the top of the tent along with a Rhino-Rack awning. An additional Alps Mountaineering pop-up tent, sleeping bag and chairs is included in case four berths isn't enough. Polishing off the roof is a Baja Designs LED light bar, matching the lights mounted in the bumper and wheel wells.

Learn more at: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2018/05/nissan-hits-overland-expo-west-with-armada-mountain-patrol-concept.html

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Team PUTC Smokes Team Nissan in Tennessee Cook-Off

Nissan BBQ Titan Meatup

The Great Titan Meat Up was a two-part event set against the lovely hills in and around Pigeon Forge, Tenn. It was designed to showcase the off-road prowess of Nissan's Titan half-ton and Titan XD pickup trucks as well as put Nissan's Smokin' Titan concept to the ultimate test: a BBQ cook-off.
The Smokin' Titan is the brainchild of Billy Hayes, Nissan's vice president of regional operations for North America, who is a huge smoked meat pit boss. The truck came about after Hayes asked in a meeting, "What if we built a smoker into a Titan pickup?" One thing led to another and a truck was born. You can read all about the Smokin' Titan here, introduced earlier this year at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. Since then it's traversed the country from Idaho to Tennessee to the Meat Up, hitting four barbecue hot spots along the way. It will be making appearances all summer at various festivals and cook-offs across the country.

Learn more at: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2018/05/team-putc-smokes-team-nissan-in-tennessee-cook-off.html

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Adrian Steel - New Composite Partition

Your mobile office just got more comfortable with an Adrian Steel composite partition. Sound deadening reduces driver distractions, climate control shortens idle time, and generous leg room helps ensure that you have the space you need to enjoy the ride. Learn more @ http://upfit.adriansteel.com/composit...

Friday, June 1, 2018

Nissan cargo van equipment by Knapheide.Sortimo


Sortimo by Knapheide offers a comprehensive selection of Nissan cargo van equipment, including van shelving packages and van partitions. Sortimo by Knapheide offers Nissan cargo van equipment for NV200 cargo vans and NV cargo vans. Nissan cargo vans provide ample space for van shelving packages and equipment. Increase the functionality, organization, and efficiency in your Nissan cargo van with the industry's most innovative van equipment. Choose the NV or NV200 below to view compatible van shelving packages and partitions.

Learn more at: https://sortimo.knapheide.com/nissan-cargo-van-equipment-vm5